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The Avaye-Jaame-Jam institute of art founded by Omid Barkhordar in 2000, and has more than a decade experience in the field of art and painting. In these years we try to use our abilities to make advantageous conditions for students. According to our head masters ability and time schedule, Avaye-Jaame-Jam has valuable improvement more than expected, such as:

1-Get license ISO 9001:2000 from NIS ZERT Organization-Germany. (The first institute in Middle East that obtain this document.)
2- Get first grade in Iranian academic festival in 2006 year.

3- Take place academic recital & band concerts twice a year that can improve student self-confidence in a final Jaame-Jam concert.
4- Has professional studio for recording classic, pop, jazz, etc. music.
5- Avaye-Jaame-Jam has more than 4000 student up to now and always has a new plan for attract the new one.
6- According to our mission and ability our tag line is: Living in your world, being artist in ours.

Avaye-Jaame-Jam strives to provide quality higher education for students seeking careers in applied arts and media professions.
Our mission is;
Be the best institute of art in the Middle East.



Avaye Jaamejam
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